“They Tried to Bury Me” by Erik Andrade

This video  from a short poem “They Tried to Bury Me”.  I wrote this piece this morning.  It was inspired by Mexican Proverb I read on FaceBook friend Marcy Depina page. The quote read “They tried to bury us, They didn’t know we were seeds”

they tried to bury me
beneath the dirt
of hurt
but like seeds in Earth
I am rooted in a force
that no external source
can hold back
throw mud
but with love
grow back
like seeds of grain
coded in DNA strain
that shell crack
code download
in roots
as for truth
plants eventually
flower and fruit
attracted to seek
we are like seeds
of life
as god

as God IS
both Goddess
as is
in Isis
all life is divine
so this burial is fine
I’ll resurrect in time

Copyright Erik Andrade, La Soul Renaissance

November 19, 2014


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