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Erik Andrade -Parting Ways Museum of African American & Cape Verdean American Ethnohistory Veterans Day Presentation

Video clip from Erik Andrade of La Soul Renaissance’s presentation at “Parting Ways” Museum of African American & Cape Verdean American EthnoHistory, Inc. Veterans Day event on Tuesday November 11, 2014 at the First Parish of Plymouth Universal Unitarian Church. The day was honoring Cato Howe, Plato Turner, Prince Goodwin, Quamony Quash–four patriots, four stories, four young African-American men. One a free man, two former slaves, and one who fought for his country’s liberty while still enslaved. All four were veterans of the American Revolution. The town of Plymouth granted these four patriots land near the Kingston border in an area known as Parting Ways. Howe, Turner, Goodwin, and Quash left behind a legacy. The New Guinea Settlement they founded survived into the early 20th century.

The day also featured  Reverend Ed Hardy of First Parish Universal Unitarian Church, Robert Treat Paine Chapter of Sons of the American Revolution, The Freemasons, U.S. Representative Bill Keating, State Senator Vinny deMacedo, Ron E. Armstead Executive Director of Congressional Black Caucus Veterans Braintrust,  Mrs. Christine Arato of United States Department of Interior’s National Park Service, keynote speaker Dr. Mark Attucks descendent of Crispus Attucks, poetry presentation by Erik Andrade of La Soul Renaissance, and closing remarks from Eddie L. Johnson president of Parting Ways Museum of African American & Cape Verdean American Ethnohistory, Inc.


Filmed & marketed by Marques Houtman of Urban International Media Group