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#BlackLivesMatter New Bedford Protest- Erik Andrade & FREE Download Link

Many thanks to the organizers of #BlackLivesMatter New Bedford Protest for the great job organizing a powerful and peaceful protest in Downtown New Bedford, MA.  The event was well attended and positive step in the direction of challenging and confronting the injustice and racism in America’s political, judicial, and police departments.  It truly was great to see so many Greater  New Bedford Area community members out showing solidarity and speaking truth to power.

Above is a video clip from the protest and set to  Erik Andrade of La Soul Renaissance’s  and producer Doc Lek of P.H.A.S.S Food first draft production of “I Can’t Breathe” (for Eric Garner). The body of art features a sample of Nina Simone singing Billie Holiday’s Civil Rights song “Strange Fruit” it also contains audio segments of the video of Eric Garner’s last words.

The first draft of the song is available for free download on Erik Andrade’s SoundCloud Page (here).

Fellow Artist, emcees, poets, singers, DJs, producers, musicians, videographers please note: This open creative soundscape offered to you to co-create, share, or use. There is  plenty of space for other artists to respond to the song.

The goal in releasing this is to inspire other artists to download, record, and post their own responses and additions to the track. Whether the response is via a verses, a poem, a speech, added instrumentation, remixed production, a video, etc. it is most welcomed and appreciated.Art and culture is one of our most powerful weapons we have to combat the mind virus of racism lets create together.