Rudy Rudacious “Choose GOD not a JOB” with Jeff Robinson Trio live at Lizard Lounge

The talented actor, spoken word artist, radio personality, event host, motivational speaker, Rudy Rudacious just dropped new video for his powerful spoken word poem “God is not a J-O-B” performed live backed by the infamous Jeff Robinson Trio –  Jeff Robinson on saxophone, Brian Rothwell on drums, and Blake Newman on Upright Bass LIVE at the Lizard Lounge, in Cambridge Massachusetts for his featured set Sunday  October 12, 2014 in defiance of columbus and in Declaration of Indeginous people’s day. With out further adou Rudy Rudacious “Choose GOD not a JOB” live at Lizard Lounge


filmed by Lionelll Monsanto and assistant Erik Andrade for 3rd Soceity Entertainment

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