“Dance With Her Ego” by Erik Andrade

“Dance With Her Ego”

They used to say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet, truly I learned the eye is a liar, as I got older. See, the soul should be the sole controler of what we behold. Because truth be told all that shines is not gold and things unrefined in time grow mold or rust. So this time I find, I am more inclined towards trust. See I rather love than lust. And trust there is no rush to touch, because too much is concealed by skin. Besides I am more concerned with how she feels within.

Deep beneath her surface, blind to the eye, I try to see inside. To see “Is she nervous? Scared of herself? ¬†Absent of purpose? Lacking of love with too much pride?” A beautiful ugly, she hides inside. See, she feels she is worthless. So, loving her becomes just as worthless. Till she begins to work to unearth her hurt and rebirth her purpose. See it is time to wake up, take off your make up. Because you could be fake but what is the reason? See it is time to let these walls fall just like the Season.

“Dance with Her Ego” by Erik Andrade Featuring Steven DaCosta on piano


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