Chachi Carvalho at La Soul Rennaissance Sat Oct 25th 10th Annual Connecting for Change

La Soul Renaissance is extremely excited to announce that the award winning Cape Verdean American educator, activist, and hip hop artist Chachi Carvalho is going to perform at La Soul Renaissance “The Harvest of the Soul”  celebration of the 10th Annual Connecting for Change Conference on Saturday Oct 25th, 2014 downtown New Bedford.

Charles “Chachi” Carvalho is a multi-talented performing artist, emcee, poet, and songwriter. He is a first generation Cape Verdean/American born and raised in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He comes from a long line of musicians and singers. Chachi is a dedicated father, youth advocate, teacher, football coach, writer and entrepreneur. He is founder and co-owner of Beat Box Studio located in his hometown Pawtucket, RI. Chachi is consistently recreating himself as a man and as an artist. His brain is an engine for creative thought and inspiring ideas. It is evident in his songwriting and clearly displayed on his critically acclaimed release “In Dust Real Evolution”.  Audiences all over the world have embraced his latest album release, “Cape Verdean In America”.   This album is a unique blend of hip-hop, Afro house, rnb, zouk, and world music.  He truly stepped out of his comfort zone and created something original to add to his already impressive catalogue.  Chachi is an humble spirit who is proud of his accomplishments. He would rather count his blessings than count his problems.


Chachi Carvalho

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